Houston Anti-Gay Candidate Goes On Attack

Council Member Robert Gallegos is the first openly gay City Councilman in the State of Texas.

Council Member Robert Gallegos is the first openly gay Hispanic City Councilman in the State of Texas. 

In the latest attempt to save a flailing campaign, anti-equality candidate and ousted HCC Trustee Herlinda Garcia told reporters Wednesday she was assaulted by her opponent in the race for Houston City Council District I. The allegation comes after months of negative radio ads and YouTube videos, in which Garcia claims Proposition 1, a measure to affirm the city's nondiscrimination ordinance, would allow men in women's bathrooms and increase the risk of assault –a claim that has since been proven false by trusted media outlets. 

When pressed for answers by ABC13 Houston Garcia claimed the incumbent verbally assaulted her but would not repeat what was said. "Garcia says there are witnesses to this alleged incident, however she would not name them. She would also not further provide video or evidence to support her claims," said Reporter John Fenoglio.


The allegations are only the latest in a string of attacks on Gallegos, the first openly gay Hispanic City Council Member in the State of Texas. In recent weeks opponents of the Council Member have also taken to defacing his campaign signs with the derogatory word "joto," Spanish for faggot.

Gallegos, endorsed by the Houston Chronicle, has had a successful first term as Council Member for District I, fighting to preserve Latino culture in Houston's historically Hispanic neighborhoods, supporting business-friendly policies, and addressing the needs of low-income communities. 

Garcia's most notable endorsement comes from Dr. Steven Hotze, a right-wing activist who has compared the fight against LGBT equality to the fight against Nazi Germany in World War II. Gallegos' record and experience has earned him the endorsement of many respected organizations, and community leaders such as Senator Sylvia R. Garcia and HISD Trustee Juliet Stipeche.

Election Day is Tuesday November 3. Voting locations are open from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

*Council Member Robert Gallegos is an endorsed candidate of the Houston Stonewall Young Democrats PAC

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