#HERO needs you at public session!

deanna-speaking.jpgOn Wednesday, April 30th, the City's Quality of Life Committee listened to public comment regarding the upcoming Equal Rights Ordinance that will extend protections in public and private employment, public accommodations and housing. 

On Tuesday, May 6th at 2pm, the full City Council will be holding public session as they consider the ordinance. At yesterday's meeting, supporters of the ordinance outnumbered the opposition, which means the opponents will likely come to public session in greater force. 

Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance needs you now more than ever.

If you are able to attend public session, make plans now:
1.) Arrive early, you will have to go through security. Make sure you have a photo ID, don't bring anything you don't need.
2.) Expect to be given 1 minute to speak, so prepare your comments.
3.) Be prepared to wait to speak for an extended period.
4.) The sooner you send your email to the City Secretary, the earlier you will be able to speak. 

Send an email to the City's Secretary here :  citysecretary@houstontx.gov
or call 832.393.1100.

If you are emailing, your email can be as simple as:

I am requesting to speak at public session on Tuesday, May 6th on the topic of Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance.
John Smith
1234 Any Street

Send that email as soon as possible to reserve your space. The more supporters of the ordinance who register to speak early will force the opposition to speak at the end of the session, and many may not be willing to wait it out.  

Sign-up today so that we can present a positive force in favor of the ordinance this coming Tuesday at City Hall.  

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