Anderson Interjects Sexual Orientation in Race for District Attorney


Anderson (left) labels Ogg (right) "pro-choice, lesbian."

In a recent interview, republican Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson discussed the conservative backlash to her candidacy following a grand jury’s indictment of anti-abortion activists earlier this year. Widely seen as a defeat for the anti-abortion movement, conservative activists blame Anderson for the charges. 

In the interview Anderson explained she believed that if conservative activists were unhappy with her then they would not like her opponent Kim Ogg, who she calls a “liberal, pro-choice lesbian.”

Interviewer: It’s telling that a lot of activists have used this as a motive to encourage people voting against you. 

Anderson: And that’s very disappointing. We filed over 116,000 cases last year. That’s about how many we file every year. They have problem with me on one, maybe two cases. When they get a liberal prochoice lesbian district attorney I wonder how many cases they’ll have problems with, with her.

The audio can be heard here.

In a recent countywide poll conducted by the University of Houston, Anderson was trailing Ogg by 7 points.

Early voting in Harris County begins Monday, October 24 and ends Friday, November 4. Election day is Tuesday, November 8. Find your nearest early voting location here.

Kim Ogg is an endorsed candidate of the Houston Stonewall Young Democrats.

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