Preparing Concrete for Resurfacing

While concrete is a durable and tough material, eventually, it will start to show indications of wear and deterioration.  

This is particularly true for concreted places that are exposed constantly to the elements, such as driveways. However, you shouldn’t worry a lot. Almost every concrete can be resurfaced, even if it is severely damaged. This means that you don’t have to get rid of your old concrete surface and replace it since this is a costly and time-consuming option.  

Whether you’ve got stamped concrete driveways or concrete patio, here are several ways to prepare it for resurfacing.  

Clean the Concrete Surface Thoroughly 

This is an extremely crucial step. That’s why you have to do this first. All sealants, paint, debris, and dirt should be totally eliminated down to bare concrete. Painters would not paint a dirty surface and expect the result to look great. This can also be applied for concrete resurfacing. You cannot resurface dirty concrete and expect flawless outcomes. For those who don’t know, the resurfacing material will have to bond to the concrete. If the concrete is dirty, this will not happen. This will leave you with a less appealing result that is weak and flimsy.  

Address Any Flaws in the Concrete 

After you clean the concrete surface thoroughly, most flaws will be visible to you. That’s why you have to get rid of these flaws and replace them if there are any bad spots. For instance, big dents and cracks can be patched to complement the surrounding area, minor cracks need to be filled, and much more. The patched and filled areas require time to cure. Under the right conditions, it will take a couple of hours. You should wait before you proceed. 

Final Step 

After you thoroughly clean the concrete surface and address all the flaws, the next thing you will have to do is to roughen the surface. The reason for this is that you will achieve the best bonding of the concrete to the resurfacing material. Keep in mind that roughing the concrete surface needs specialized tools. Almost every homeowner does not have these tools simply laying around their home. A distressed or smooth and slip-resistant finish can be achieved easily as the resurfacing is applied.  

If you try to make it a DIY project, preparing the concrete can be a bit complicated. The preparation task alone consumes a lot of your precious time and you have to properly do it to achieve the best results. Before the resurfacing process can start, those are the couple of steps that you have to take in preparing the surface.  

This is the reason why it is best to leave the job to the professionals. They’ve got the right equipment and tools to get the job done efficiently and quickly. This leaves you with a new concrete surface that will certainly last for a lot of years. The experience and knowledge of concrete professionals make the job easy and affordable. This will provide a fresh new look to your worn and tired concrete