Here’s Why You Need A Summer Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining the roof is an important house maintenance every homeowner needs to do, as a damaged roof brings more danger and accidents as well as inconvenience and higher energy bills to the family. When you have a damaged roof, there is a tendency that water leaks to different parts of the house including the attic, siding, and even the house’s foundation. Although all roofing parts need to be maintained, the shingles, as well as the gutters, also need to be considered. If you are experiencing some gutter problems, you may try gutter replacement Surrey BC for a reputable service company.  

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining gutters, most people think that it needs to be done before winter to prepare for the whole roof for the melted ice and snow. However, contrary to this common belief, it makes your roof twice protected when you check them on during summer.  


The following are the reasons why you need to check your gutter during summer: 


  1. It prepares you against the summer storm and the seasons to come

A summer storm is characterized by extreme sunlight that gives off extreme heat to the roof surface as well as some heavy winds that might bring debris on their way to your roof. When this happens, your roof might have been having damage without your awareness. This creates a problem when the fall and winter come in as you do not have enough preparation time anymore.  


2.Guard your gutter against heavy leaves 

Although without melted ice, your gutter can be clogged when it already has accumulated leaves. This is why it is important to regularly maintain your gutter by cleaning and raking leaves before the winter begins. A lot of homeowners prefer to rake the leaves days before winter, and this is where they do it wrong. Experts recommend cleaning it as regularly as possible to avoid letting the leaves rot inside the gutter, causing more problems and damage to the roof’s functionality. Rotting leaves induce molds and algae that create issues to the roof.  


  1. You can clean easier

Summer cleaning and raking provide you enough preparation for fall, as fall indicates that more leaves will fall soon. The longer you wait before you clean your gutter, the more leaves the gutter would accumulate, and the heavier they get as the old fallen leaves may have become rotted already due to the cold atmosphere that fall provides. This is why there is a need to utilize the sun while it dries up the leaves, making it easier for you to rake the leaves away. Do not wait for the leaves to accumulate making it difficult for you to remove them. 


4.Regular maintenance means lesser repair costs 

Regardless of the weather or seasons, it is always recommended by the experts that gutter and roofing cleaning needs to be taken into consideration as roofing leakage and blockage might cause serious problems to the house in general. Also, make sure that you hire a professional cleaning company that will secure the health and overall structure of your roof.