Endorsement Process

Our endorsement process is a member-driven process and contains 2 parts:

1.) Completing the Houston Stonewall Young Democrats questionnaire.  The questionnaire addresses issues that pertain to the office being sought and include questions on LGBT-issues as well as those important to the interests of youth and the Democratic Party. 

2.) An in-person interview with the screening committee.  This face-to-face interaction allows our members to get clarification on questionnaire responses, as well as gives both the candidate and the committee the ability to address additional topics and learn more about each other.  

Once completed, the screening committee will make a recommendation to the general membership during the endorsement meeting.  The membership has the ability to accept the recommendation and vote on endorsement, or reject the recommendation and move to endorse another candidate, or not endorse at all.  

For more information about who can vote in our process, please review the bylaws.  

*In some instances, the rules of endorsement can be waived by either the Executive Committee or by a vote of the general membership.  During Democratic primaries, HSYD generally only requires candidates in contested primaries to take part in both parts of the process.  Unopposed Democratic candidates are generally allowed to complete just the questionnaire, with the committee reserving the right for an in-person interview if any questions are raised from questionnaire responses.  This is typically done due to the large number of candidates on the ballot in General election years.  

Endorsements made for Primary elections carryover to General elections.  During City of Houston, Houston Independent School District, and Houston Community College races, candidates are required to complete both portions of the process.  

Questionnaire deadlines are firm, candidates who return questionnaires late will not be eligible for endorsement.  We greatly respect the time of candidates and campaigns and expect the same for the time of our volunteers.  

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