Endorsements for the November 2014 Election

*As a Democratic organization, HSYD encourages everyone to vote the Straight Democratic Ticket. With over 100 candidates on the ballot, voting straight ticket is the fastest, easiest way to select all the Democrats on the ballot. 

The individual candidates listed below participated in the HSYD screening and endorsement process and earned the endorsement of the organization. As such, these candidates have earned the right to advertise our endorsement on their printed material, website and other campaign literature. 

HSYD does not endorse in congressional races. 

Commissioner of General Land Office John Cook
State Senate, District 15 John Whitmire
State Senate, District 17 Rita Lucido
State Representative, District 131 Alma A. Allen
State Representative, District 133 Laura Nicol
State Representative, District 137 Gene Wu
State Representative, District 141 Senfronia Thompson
State Representative, District 145 Carol Alvarado
District Judge, 55th  District Kay Morgan
District Judge, 113th  District Steven E. Kirkland
District Judge, 180th  District Randy Roll
District Judge, 185th  District Mack McInnis
District Judge, 189th  District Ursula A. Hall
District Judge, 230th  District Greg Glass
District Judge, 234th  District Barbara Gardner
District Judge, 247th  District Clinton "Chip" Wells
District Judge, 248th District Shawna Reagin
District Judge, 263rd  District Herb Ritchie
District Judge, 269th  District George H. Arnold
District Judge, 270th District James Hippard, Jr.
District Judge, 280th  District Barbara J. Stalder
District Judge, 281st  District Tanner Garth
District Judge, 295th  District Latosha Lewis
District Judge, 334th  District Daryl Moore
Family District Judge, 308th  District  
Jim Evans
Family District Judge, 311th  District Sherri L. Cothrun
Family District Judge, 314th  District Natalia Oakes
District Attorney (Unexpired Term) Kim Ogg
Judge, County Civil Court at Law No. 2 Scot "Dolli" Dollinger
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 2 Harold J. Landreneau
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 6 Linda Geffin
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 7 Shelia Acosta
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 8 Kelli Johnson
Judge, County Probate Court No. 1 Kim Bohannon Hoesl
Judge, County Probate Court No. 3 Jerry Simoneaux
District Clerk Judith Snively
County Clerk Ann Harris Bennett
County Treasurer David Rosen
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