Greg Abbott is wrong for Texas

It is safe to say that no election in Texas has ever been as important to the LGBT community as the 2014 election. 

Up and down the ballot we see Democrats standing on the side of LGBT Texans while Republicans are determined to do everything they can to treat us as second-class citizens. 

The distinction between the 2 parties cannot be more clear than in the race for Governor. 

Wendy Davis has openly supported marriage equality and equal treatment of LGBT families, while her opponent Greg Abbott is currently defending the Texas ban on same-sex marriage saying that, somehow, preventing same-sex marriage in Texas helps stop unwanted pregnancies. Yes, that is his actual legal argument for discriminating against people he wants to represent as Governor. 

Take a look at Abbott's response about marriage equality in the last Gubernatorial debate and you'll understand why we so desperately need to elect Wendy Davis as our next Governor. 

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