Help give Jeremiah and Jeff their dream wedding

This week at the Creating Change conference, I met Houston couple Jeremiah and Jeff.  They just recently became engaged and now are part of the ALCU's "My Big Gay Illegal Wedding" contest.  They need your vote.


The ACLU's contest will give the winners their ideal wedding.  For Jeff and Jeremiah that would involve a cross-country road trip "Oprah and Gayle-style".  The reason marriage equality matters to these two guys puts a good perspective on our community's continuing fight for full equality.  

"I, Jeff, am particularly concerned since Jeremiah's job in the airline industry which requires him to travel across the country and spend significant amounts of time in unfamiliar cities and states. Jeremiah could be understood as a married man in the morning and, after flying to a state where same-sex couples are denied the freedom to marry,be considered a single man by the afternoon. There are so many what-ifs that you have to consider, and to have that burden off of our backs would be amazing."

So take a moment to support Jeremiah and Jeff by voting for them at the ACLU's website.  

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