Texas Marriage Ban Ruled UnConstitutional

Today a US District Judge ruled that the Texas ban on same-sex marriage is unConstitutional.

Does that mean we can start getting married in Texas?  Not so much.  

But it's a start.  

Judge Orlando Garcia issued a stay on his order, so the law remains in effect pending an appeal in the 5th Circuit Court.

“Today’s court decision is not made in defiance of the great people of Texas or the Texas Legislature, but in compliance with the U.S. Constitution and Supreme Court precedent,” Garcia wrote in the order. “Without a rational relation to a legitimate governmental purpose, state-imposed inequality can find no refuge in our U.S. Constitution.”

So now we wait.  The case will probably end up in the Supreme Court, and with luck that body will do the right thing and accept that the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution applies to all of us, including the LGBT community.  

And as no surprise, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (also the Republican candidate for Governor) has already pledged to fight the ruling because bigotry is just how his Party rolls.  

You can take a little comfort though in anti-LGBT Texas Senator (and candidate for Lieutenant Governor) Dan Patrick flubbing an appeal to his right wing base via Twitter with a delicious Twitter typo.  

To read Judge Garcia's full opinion, follow this link.


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