Time to dial up our efforts on #HERO

20140430_190524.jpgTuesday, May 12th City Council will hold public session and the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) will be up for discussion. 

We learned today that the opposition is organizing with an ambitious goal of getting 2000 people to storm City Hall to oppose basic equality for their neighbors. 

We need all hands on deck to make sure our City Council knows that Houston is a tolerant city and that everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed in the city that we all love. 

Call and email your City Council members. You can tell them your story, you can tell them why this ordinance is important to you, or you can just simply say, "I urge you to support the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance." 

Below is contact information for all the members of Houston City Council. Reach out to them and let them know where you stand on this important issue. 

If you're available to speak at Public Session on Tuesday, May 13th, send an email to the City Secretary at citysecretary@houstontx.gov and request to speak on the issue of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. 

It's time to dial our efforts up, the finish line is in sight, but we cannot let up until we cross it.

Mayor Annise Parker mayor@houstontx.gov
Council member Brenda Stardig districta@houstontx.gov
Council member Jerry Davis districtb@houstontx.gov
Council member Ellen Cohen districtc@houstontx.gov
Council member Dwight Boykins districtd@houstontx.gov
Council member Dave Martin districte@houstontx.gov
Council member Richard Nguyen districtf@houstontx.gov
Council member Oliver Pennington districtg@houstontx.gov
Council member Ed Gonzalez districth@houstontx.gov
Council member Robert Gallegos districti@houstontx.gov
Council member Mike Laster districtj@houstontx.gov
Council member Larry Green districtk@houstontx.gov
Council member Stephen Costello atlarge1@houstontx.gov
Council member David Robinson atlarge2@houstontx.gov
Council member Michael Kubosh atlarge3@houstontx.gov
Council member C.O. Bradfod atlarge4@houstontx.gov
Council member Jack Christie atlarge5@houstontx.gov

Mayor Annise Parker: 832-393-1012
District A - Brenda Stardig: 832-393-3010
District B - Jerry Davis: 832-393-3009
District C - Ellen Cohen: 832-393-3004
District D - Dwight Boykins: 862-393-3001
District E - Dave Martin: 832-393-3008
District F - Richard Nguyen: 832-393-3002
District G - Oliver Pennington: 832-393-3007
District H - Ed Gonzalez: 832-393-3003
District I - Robert Gallegos: 832-393-3011
District J - Mike Laster: 832-393-3015
District K - Larry Green: 832-393-3016
At-Large 1 - Stephen Costello: 832-393-3014
At-Large 2 - David Robinson: 832-393-3013
At-Large 3 - Michael Kubosh: 832-393-3005
At-Large 4 - C.O. 'Brad' Bradford: 832-393-3012
At-Large 5 - Jack Christie: 832-393-3017

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