Welcome Sodomites!

Good afternoon fellow sodomites!

I'm being rather formal with the salutation in this blog post because I feel like LGBT people aren't referred to as sodomites as much as we use to be.  And that makes me...sad?  

Luckily, the Harris County Republican Party is here to help.  

In an email they sent out today, promoting their "Stand for Marriage Rally" (where they're going to gather together and talk about "activist judges" and probably refer to our "lesbian Mayor" and polish their favorite rocks in preparation for stoning some gay people) they quoted the ever charming Dr. Steven Hotze who referred to the LGBT community as "sodomites".  


So, to recap, the Republican Party of Harris County, the largest county in Texas and the 3rd largest in the country is perfectly comfortable calling gay people 'sodomites'.  

Look, we get it Jared Woodfill - you hate gay people.  You'd save a lot of time, energy, and resources if you skipped multi-paragraphed email releases and just wrote that.  Hell, just take a photo with Dave Welch, Steven Hotze and you having brunch together and the message would be received loud and clear.  (On second thought don't, it would taint the institution of brunch)

But I have a message to another segment of the Republican Party - those Republicans who also happen to be gay.  

Look, we aren't going to agree on every issue.  You consider yourselves 'Conservatives' or 'small government' or 'fiscally conservative' and maybe there are other reasons you feel it necessary to align yourself with the Republican Party - I don't know.  

But is this really the Party you want to be a part of?  A Party that VERY clearly wants no part of you?  

I'm not judging you or trying to make you feel bad that you consider yourself a Conservative.  Some of my favorite family members are Conservatives.  

What I am going to do is offer you an alternative.  

Become a Democrat.  

I'm just gonna put that out there.  

You can be a Conservative Democrat, you can be a small government Democrat, you can be a fiscally conservative Democrat but more importantly you can be a member of a Party that won't use you as a wedge issue or as fuel to fire up a bigoted base of voters.  

We will certainly disagree about candidates, elected officials, legislation, what makes good public policy, etc. - but Democrats will welcome those conversations.  

And moreover, our Party won't call you sodomites, or tell you that you don't deserve equality, or tear you down just because you are who you are. We won't host rallies alongside hate-mongers, and use you as a scare tactic to gin up support.  

I'm not saying it'll be easy, for you or for ultra-liberal Democrats like myself to co-exist.  We will argue, we will fight, and there will be times when we'll never get along - but we will agree that we're both human beings and deserve to be treated equally in the eyes of the law.  

The Republican Party and the Tea Party love to talk about the Constitution.  They love to say that "liberals" are destroying it, they love telling us how the Founding Fathers would be reacting to modern-day events, but they also love leaving out the parts of the Constitution that they don't agree with, or that weaken their bigoted arguments.  

So, my gay Republican friends, please consider taking me up on this offer.  

Think of how nice it would feel to be a fully participating member of a Party that doesn't consider you subhuman and that has continued to work to make the lives of LGBT people better and will continue that fight until we achieve full equality.  

You want a big tent Party?  It's the Democratic Party.  

Give us a shot.

Have a look at their full email below.


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